Online Accounting Courses

One of the recurring stories of the last half-century of the American experience is the outsourcing of the middle class. Jobs, particularly in manufacturing, have been oursourced or outright eliminated as cheaper labor from overseas has replaced “american made” in our stores and our lives.

In the process, the United States of America has become more of a bedroom community for the rest of the world. We commute to our offices, then spend the rest of the day telecommuting all over the world to manage finances here, push info there, open this account in a third place. In the process, America’s middle class has changed from production and manufacturing-based to information and technology based. That’s because “making things” doesn’t make as much money as “making money” does. There’s always a way to turn one dollar into two, which is why accounting work is such a great bet for a steady, lucrative career these days.

If you’re looking for solid accounting courses, you can start online. Accounting courses advertise liberally, and there are options for everything from home study, to online courses, to fully accredited universities offering their services. It makes sense to check all of them out, price them, and take a look at your job prospects once the course is done. Someone with an accounting degree from a top university will obviously be worth much more on the open market coming out of class than someone who home-schoole themselves. However, it costs much, much more to get a CPA degree from a top university than most accounting courses online or at home will run you.

It’s important to understand that accounting courses aren’t just for young folks or people looking to change their profession. Accounting can be a seasonal supplement to your regular job, as from January to April a CPA can earn tens-of-thousands of dollars through freelance work. You’ll put in long hours, of course, but if you need the extra money, it’s worth it. ESpecially since accountants will always be in demand for as long as we have currency. (And for the record, I’ve seen no evidence that we’re going to a Star Trek-like existence in which the notion of currency and capitalism are outdated.)

Even if you’re only doing your own taxes, accounting courses can pay off. Free courses are available for download, and if you learn the ins-and-outs, you can end up saving yourself not only a bunch of cash on accountant’s fees, but a bunch on write-offs and declared expenses. It’s worth looking into, especially if you’re good with numbers.

So join the new middle class. Things aren’t going to go back to what they were 40-50 years ago, and accounting courses could help you make the jump to the financial status that you’ve long wanted.