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The Quickest and Easiest way to master the art of modern bookkeeping

If you own or are responsible for the bookkeeping or finances of a business, this new edition of Bookkeeping For Dummies is exactly what you need . This easy to follow guide gives you a clear picture on how to keep successfully track all of your of accounts, prepare detailed balance sheets, organize journals and ledgers, and create accurate financial statements. This all-in-one guide to modern book keeping is cleverly filled with the most current bookkeeping practices, tax guides, and small-business laws. Bookkeeping For Dummies is the one guidebook you will turn to over and over again for prudent financial accounting information.

Every successful business knows that highly accurate and detailed bookkeeping is crucial to headache free accounting. You can’t just dive in bookkeeping without first knowing and completely understanding the difference between your accounts and your balance sheets. Heck, it’s enought to confuse even the most astute business owner or entrepreneur.

This is exactly where Bookkeeping For Dummies comes in and saves the day (or evening!) It is written so anyone can read, follow along, and implement a successful bookkeeping practice. The “Dummies” series of books has been here for you for over twenty years now, taking complex subject and making it accessible to anyone, and right now You!,

So now it’s time for you to get this knowledge and experience under your belt. Learn and Master the art of bookkeeping for the modern era today! Here is a small sample of what you get:

  • Use of graphics to make complex ideas simple to understand and use
  • Provides an easy to follow, step by step approach to modern bookkeeping
  • Allows you to give a complete picture of your business’ financial well-being
  • Now Includes updated Screenshots using Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks
  • Clear steps to managing your assets and liabilities
  • Produce balance sheets and create financial statements the easy way!

If you’re just starting out or are an expert that just needs a little brush up on common bookkeeping practice, —Bookkeeping For Dummies gives you the keys to success for financial acuity that will follow you for a lifetime.